albertslund gate city

The masterplan design for the former Vridsløselille State Prison and the surrounding prison grounds consists of four unique neighborhoods sharing three basic core values ​​- freedom, sustainability and community.

Freedom – The prison is set free by creating a rich variety of gates, openings, and connections through the prison walls and by transforming the existing buildings into community spaces and squares with the Freedom Tower in the center.

Sustainability and community – All four neighborhoods are designed as unique sustainable building areas. Shaped by the area’s history and context in Albertslund, the masterplan is abundant with green, blue, and recreational qualities designed for diverse communities of the future.

Program: Masterplan – residential, commercial and culture.
Location: Albertslund, Denmark
Client: Freja ejendomme
Size: 150.000 m2
Type: Invited Competition
Collaborators: Lytt